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What is Computer Based Training – CBT?

CBT’s are usually interactive with Software Simulations (behaves like you’re using the real thing on the PC; therefore, you don’t even need the real software installed on your machine) and rarely without voice.  This Publisher’s CBT with Titles do NOT have voice. But, 99% of our training material from our CBT partners do have voice.

Generally, CBT’s tend to be more expensive. Our Publisher’s CBT Titles are NOT based on Flash. They are based on the latest technology which uses the: See It, Do It, and Try It learning paradigm. A very powerful new way of learning. All CBT and Courseware Learning formats are delivered with a secured login. Some of our latest courses are ( Machine Learning, Digital Forensics, BigData, SAP, SQL, Oracle, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP, CISM, AWS, iOS & Android Development and much more ) Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity, our quality training is ranked #1 in our CBT partner network program.

Today’s competitive business environment and frequent software updates by software vendors demands rapid skill acquisition. Our Web Learning partners helps you keep up-to-date by delivering quality Interactive Self-Study in CBT format. These factors give CBT’s a clear advantage over conventional, inconvenient and expensive Classroom and Hard-copy print training methods.

CBT’s not only offers the advantage in terms of convenience and lower cost, but it also facilitates improved subject-matter comprehension.

NOTE: Our Web Learning Online CBT and Course ware products are now delivered to you once you create an account with a secured login. Contact us today if you have any interest in our CBT or need us to add any new course !

Online Web Learning Methodology !

All Web Learning Online CBT and Training Guide courses are based on the latest materials available at the time of publishing and are regularly updated every 3 months with UPGRADES to the LATEST EDITION: A NEW, very effective and proven way of learning. We also share the certification material and eBooks “Guaranteed Pass” .
Once you pick your course and a full payment is made a receipt will be emailed to you! The CBT course will be available in seconds under your “My Account” page.
Non Disclosure Agreement:
All materials and CBT shared to you needs to be kept strictly confidential & for self viewing purposes only. Permissions has been given to institutions under our partner network program. We do not encourage you to download or share the login information. Its monitored via IP tracking at all times.

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Machine Learning, Digital Forensics, BigData, SAP, SQL, Oracle, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP, CISM, AWS, iOS & Android Development and much more

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Our Niche Course FACTs !

  • Material retention with CBT’S are 45% better than with conventional training method
  • Your learning curve with CBT is 25%-55% less than conventional method
  • The cost of CBT training is 65% less than Classroom training
  • CBT’S are self pacing and Interactive
  • CBT’S simulate the actual software being studied so there is no need to have the actual software installed
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